Window Cleaning for your business

Enhance your business image

Smudge-free windows create a positive image towards your business’s customers. To showcase Queenstown’s magnificent views, most commercial buildings have a unique lay out of windows and interior glass panels. We have decades of window cleaning experience to ensure all your windows are being well looked after.

General Window Cleaning

By using hand held equipment, both the inside and the outside of the window will be cleaned. Our biodegradable cleaning solution is safe on your windows and its surrounding framework as well on the environment.

High Access Window Cleaning

ClearShine uses a top of the range water fed pole system that sends water up a large pole to clean the windows and leave them extremely clean. This is a safe and environmentally friendly way of cleaning windows as no chemicals are being used and our window cleaning experts work safely from the ground. We can also work on multi-storey buildings with the use of cherry-pickers if necessary.

Glass Roof Cleaning

Modern glass roofs can build up dirt, dust and bird droppings very quickly. Our window cleaning specialists can professionally and safely maintain a spotless appearance to all of your buildings.

You are safe with us

ClearShine is fully insured with commercial liability insurance. Prior to any window cleaning, we carry out full onsite health and safety reviews, and work out the safe cleaning programs which are suitable for you and your premises.

Call us now on 0800 788439 to book for one of our window cleaning specialists to inspect your windows and provide an individual recommendation for you.



“We have the right equipment and skills to clean windows of any type and height.”